Forget I Said Anything, OK?

I’m not a stubborn man and I am not too proud to take back something I have said. Your opinions on the subject of the space150 identity contest do matter to me and I don’t take them for granted. What I already said is how I feel about this specific case, but I don’t have to make everyone see things the same way, especially when it comes to such firecracker subject like spec work and even more so when I don’t even feel that passionate in favor of it in comparison to how most of you feel against it with every right and reason. Over the past years we have run our share of contests (on Speak Up specifically) and I can say first-hand that not everyone does things with bad intentions, so every now and then I am willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt as I did in this case. I apologize to anyone that felt let down by our support of the contest and let me emphasize that I value our industry’s time and creativity as much as everyone who expressed their concerns. To put an end to this matter, if you will graciously accept it as such — and if not, well, there is not much more I can do — we will not be following the contest on Brand New or FPO and will no longer encourage your participation. The post from yesterday will remain up with an update at the bottom for future reference. If this apology makes me look like a wuss conforming to public pressure I can tell you I prefer that over appearing as a an a**hole — which I am not, I’m, like, totally nice.