New Layouts

Blues are the images and blacks are texts…


proposal for magazine


Here is the pdf file for my magazine project…

Bitpazarı Magazine Project

I’m going to create a magazine which created by bitpazarı store from the first semester 301 project.  This post will give more information about my magazine project which could be called as BitMag, BitLife  or Bittarz…

Let’s move the content structure of my magazine



1-interview with Marc Jacobs

2-introducing  Sicilia


1- Bit Nisan  (month events)

cinema,art events, music, book, technology

2-Bit Yaşam (life)

Decaration, Music Groups

3-Bit Moda (fashion)

Fashion news, new products from bitpazarı, catwalks etc…

Interview with Marc Jacobs who is the famous fashion designer…

Introducing Sicilia

There will be information about Siclia’s important and interesting places.


This section gives the informations about the monthly events, new restaurants, new technologies, new movies…etc


There will be group interviews and news from music sector.


grid exercises

These are the grid structure of some magazines from current ones.











Clustering Layouts

Layout 1 : The headline is aligned with the big image and the small images are aligned with each other and the 2 columns which will be the graphic about brand’s logo or photo. Gray information boxes are aligned with big image and the top of small image. Right column is referring the logo also.

Layout 2 : The headline is aligned with the top of right group and upon.  The images give  the feeling of being together. The spaces between black images are the same.

Layout 3 : The headlin is aligned with 2 little boxes, 3 little boxes and the big image in this page. These little boxes are drawing the boundaries of this page. Logo is also aligned with these little boxes.

Layout 4 : The headline is aligned with big image and little boxes. The  big image gives the photos of clothes and information boxes give the prices of clothes.

Layout 5 : Logo is aligned with the footer column and the group of 3 black boxes which will be the images of clothes. Footer column will be the graphics of the brand. Gray boxes will use for the information about the prices and style of the clothes.Cl

New Book Recommendations

New Books

Logo Design Love by David Airey


Logology by Victionary


Look Both Ways: Illustrated Essays on the Intersection of Life and Design by Debbie Millman


Logotypes & Letterforms by Doyald Young


Fonts & Logos by Doyald Young


Dangerous Curves: Mastering Logotype Design by Doyald Young


Branding: From Brief to Finished Solution by Mono